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What parents and students say about working with Kim Rubin:

"Mark Twain wrote: 'always do right, this will gratify some people and astonish the rest.' Rubin has 'done right' by our family and we are both astonished and grateful. When we first went to Rubin, our son was in shut down. In his words he was: 'cutting classes, depressed, angry, and just hating the world.' Today he smiles and is making real progress in his academic pursuits. Words are inadequate to express our appreciation for what Rubin has done for our family."
- Chicago Parent

"When we realized our son needed help beyond what we could provide, we became overwhelmed by the choices. From our first conversation with Kim, we knew we had found the right person to help us through this very difficult time. Kim and her staff have incredible insight and compassion into the problems of both parents and teens. Our experience and the resulting change in our son could not be more positive. We would strongly recommend Rubin Educational Resources to any parent. It will be the smartest decision you will ever make."
- Chicago Parent

"When we first contacted Kim, our 16 year old son was needing help that we were not able to provide for him. We were confused and scared. Kim moved quickly, professionally and with compassion to match our son with a program that could give him the help he needed. She continued to work closely with us over the next several months on each stage of our son's progression. Any parent who is needing assistance with choosing the best possible program for their child and who desires comprehensive and unbiased direction on where to turn for help, should definitely talk with Kim and her staff before making any decisions."
- Colorado Parents

"Kim, I thought you might enjoy seeing these pictures of our dirty SMILING daughter from Utah! She has gone from being a stressed, unaware, very unhappy girl to a contemplative, smiling girl...we are on a good track and very pleased. Thank you for all your caring support and wonderful guidance. You have been a Godsend!"
- Santa Fe Parents

What Students Say

"... I really want to thank you for helping my parents find this place. I am really on track and love it. I definitely needed a wake-up call and it worked. I also wanted to be accountable and apologize for blowing you off when we were going to try to figure out a plan for my education. I love my classes and am on fire as far as learning goes. Kim -- you are a very loving person and I really like what you do for people."
- High School Student

What parents and students say about Whitney Laughlin


Whitney was someone who was so utterly comforting that I would have rather discussed all school business with her, rather than my parents!!! From the first time I met Whitney I felt like we had known each other for years. She's just beams friendliness and comfort constantly. This is a once in a life time opportunity, college, and I would highly recommend Whitney being the person that helps you through this life changing process. 
Maredith, Class of 2010, Desert Academy, Santa Fe, NM, Class of 2014, Whittier College

Whitney's astute input became a valuable asset for me in braving the interminable college application process. I happened to know exactly where I wanted to go to school, and Whitney helped get me there with relative ease.
Andrew, Class of 2010, St. Michael's High School, Santa Fe, NM, Class of 2014, New York University (accepted ED).

Thanks so much for all of your help in Jessica's college search!  Your guidance on career choices, college selection, SAT and ACT test preparation, and essay critiques helped Jessica select the best fit and submit a competitive application.  She was accepted to her top 3 choices (Harvard, Yale, and Swarthmore) and she could not have achieved this without all of your support! Susan, Jakarta, Indonesia, mother of Jessica, Jakarta International School Class of 2008. Class of 2012, Harvard College

There are many stages in your children's' lives, but one of the most crucial ones is the transition from high school to college.  It is a moment when each child must look at his/her reflection, recognize it and find a college that will enable them to "spread their wings and fly".  Dr. Whitney Laughlin has been of invaluable assistance in this process, from the initial testing she administers, which helps your child get to know him/herself better, to always being available for any questions the student or parent may have during this journey of finding the "right" college/university.  We would recommend, wholeheartedly, her services to any family facing this all-important decision. 
Cesare and Holli, Milan, Italy, parents of Alex, Class of 2009, Wasatch Academy, Class of 2013, Whittier College

As I go off to college next week, I'd just like to let you know how much I appreciated all the help you've given me. With your guidance I went from being completely clueless about what I wanted from my college experience, to someone who received an acceptance with a scholarship, and ho feels much more secure about his future.  Thanks again for everything you've done for me. 
Class of 2009, Wasatch Academy, Class of 2013, Whittier College

Whitney Laughlin helped all three of our daughters pick excellent choices for college and more importantly find schools that suited them perfect.  Santa Fe, NM, Parents of Daisy, Yale University, and Marie, Brown University, and Carolyn, New York University.

Whitney's experience, objectivity, contacts and general good will served our family and our son well-by helping him get into his first choice school, with a fantastic financial aid package, and early! So we can relax and enjoy the rest of our time together before he goes to college. Thank you, Whitney!  Santa Fe, N.M.
Mother of Max, Class of 2008, Santa Fe Waldorf School. Class of 2012, Colorado College

Hiring Whitney to work with our son in selecting a college, and helping him through the admissions process, was the smartest investment we've ever made.   Whitney's process was very student-focused, and she emphasized repeatedly not the prestige of various colleges, but whether the atmosphere and dynamics on campus would be the best fit for our son.  In the end, our son was accepted Early Decision at Brown University.   Because we had worked with Whitney, we all were confident that Brown was the best fit.  We also had a backup plan in place, and had identified several other colleges off the beaten path, which also would have provided a superior education for our son.  Our son is dyslexic, and it was hard for us to determine on our own which colleges truly welcomed and accommodated students with learning differences.   Whitney's long experience with these colleges, and helping other students with LD, was apparent throughout our discussions.  Given the close to $200,000 four-year cost of a private education, her advice was critical - and not all college advisors are worth it!    Finally, I'd like to emphasize Whitney's calming, positive energy.  She seems to genuinely appreciate all of her teenage clients, and enjoys her interactions with them.
Mother of William, Class of 2009, Los Alamos HS, Class of 2013, Brown University

Our son did his senior year in Costa Rica, so we were nervous about his ability to navigate the college application process successfully. Whitney did a wonderful job identifying four great schools that met his interests, and in guiding him through the application cycle. In the end, he was accepted at all four schools, and was awarded a merit scholarship at one of them.  But that doesn't tell the whole story. Having had a challenging high school experience, our son was initially leaning towards taking a year off before college. Whitney's non-judgmental advice was instrumental in re-awakening his interest in continuing his education. We would definitely recommend Whitney as a college counselor.
Mark, father of Arthur, Class of 2009, New Summit Academy, Class of 2013, Western Washington University

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time and patience you have had with me over the past year. I definitely would not have found out about any of these schools without your guidance and help. You are always quick to respond to my phone calls and e-mails when you have such a hectic schedule to begin with. Throughout the month of December and January when I needed a second opinion on an essay you were extremely helpful and a wonderful asset. You do such good work and help shape so many students' lives at a critical point in time. Thanks again!
Abby, Santa Fe, NM, Class of 2008, Monte del Sol Charter School. Class of 2012, University of California, Santa Cruz

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful assistance in guiding Will to a college choice.  Your suggestions for college choices provided a route to college education that Linda and I were completely unfamiliar with and would probably never have thought to suggest to Will.  Will applied to six college and universities and was accepted at all six, including his reach school, Reed College.  That was great for Will's self-esteem. Given the current state of the economy finances did have to play a part in the decision. Ultimately, Hendrix offered Will $20,000 a year in academic and music scholarships.   I must confess, at the beginning of the process I wasn't sure how much return we would see on your fee.  It seemed like a lot of money to spend on guidance Will could get through the high school.  I was feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the process however, and decided to take a gamble on you in the hopes of benefiting Will.  It was quite apparent, as early as halfway through the process and before applications had even been filed, that the money was well spent. Of course, when the acceptances and scholarships began rolling in all trace of doubt about the benefits of your services were extinguished.  Your fee was worth every penny!
Robert, father of Will, Class of 2009, Los Alamos HS, Class of 2013, Hendrix College

The college application process is really a trying experience, both for the student and adults.  Whitney has helped with some of the agonizing, guessing, and hand-holding.  Were it not for her knowledge and recommendation of Colorado College, we would never have otherwise considered the place (nor heard of the place).  However, upon visiting the campus and learning about its block plan, our son turned his negative attitude to enthusiasm and our skepticism was erased.  We are now happily anticipating a good undergraduate experience for our only child.
Mother of Zack, Class of 2009, Los Alamos HS, Class of 2013, Colorado College

Kathleen and I want to thank you for all the help and support you provided us during Brianna's college selection process. We dropped her off at Beloit last weekend and I would have to give the fit a 9 out of 10. . Brianna is happy and confident in the program. It was as if one were planting a precious seed in the perfect soil. You work magic, woman!
Parents of Brianna, Class of 2008, Los Alamos HS, Class of 2012, Beloit College

The college application process can be overwhelming to applicants and their parents.  Whitney helps guide you through the entire process. She is a genius at matching colleges to the applicant's personality, interests and academics. We used Whitney for both our children and found her services to be invaluable. We have recommended her to several people.   
Mother of Eric, Class of 2011, Prescott College

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