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Are you confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, and feeling alone? Is your child or teen at risk? Are you unsure whether your child and family really needs help?

Take our free Academic Rating Quiz© and learn more about your child’s needs.

  • Is your child struggling at school?
  • Have your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses been identified?
  • Is your child challenged at school? Bored? Underachieving?
  • Does your child have an undiagnosed learning or attention problem?
  • Are you wondering if your child is dyslexic?
  • Does your child experience math or test-taking anxiety?
  • Does your child have difficulty making and keeping friends?
  • Is your child abusing alcohol or drugs or associating with the “wrong crowd”?
  • Is your child oppositional and defiant at home or school?
  • Is your child disruptive or truant at school?
  • Does your child need help in the college admissions process?
  • Does your child need SAT/ACT test preparation?

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Take a few minutes to rate your child and identify areas of concern. This free, confidential quiz will help you assess where your child fits on the Educational Planning Continuum.

After completing the quiz, please refer to our Scoring Table and the Planning Continuum for suggestions and recommendations. Not all questions will relate to your child.

Experience the full range of our services. Rate your child’s needs and progress on our free Education Planning Continuum.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family.


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