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Rubin Educational Resources specializes in diagnostic testing and college counseling.   Our testing services include the following:   testing in academic achievement, intelligence, vocational interests, learning styles, learning disabilities, attention deficits, and emotional/behavioral problems. We provide psychoeducational, neuropsychological and psychological evaluations administered in a comfortable, relaxed environment.   Our evaluators carefully evaluate each client's abilities and review all previous testing and relevant information. Our comprehensive reports provide specific recommendations for remediation and the documentation required for accommodations in public or private schools.  Additionally, we offer testing for child custody cases and provide court testimony, when needed.

Rubin Educational Resources offers college counseling services and specializes in financial aid and scholarship help.  Dr. Whitney Laughlin, our highly experienced college counselor, has worked as a college counselor and financial aid specialist for over 30 years.  At Rubin Educational Resources Whitney works with students to find the best college matches and assists students throughout the application process.  Her expertise in the field of financial aid and scholarships has enabled students throughout the US to access much-needed funding for their college education.

Psychoeducational and Psychological Services Include

  • Diagnosis of learning disabilities, including ADHD, NLD and Asperger's Syndrome
  • Neuropsychological evaluations upon request
  • Specific recommendations for remediation of learning problems
  • Diagnosis of eligibility for extended time on the SAT/ACT/GRE and LSAT
  • Diagnosis of eligibility for classroom and test-taking accommodations
  • Gifted assessments
  • Psychoeducational documentation for all exceptionalities
  • Referrals for educational therapy and tutoring services
  • Specialized evaluations of children divorce cases and legal testimony
  • Parenting plans in divorce cases
  • School consultations
  • Faculty trainings
  • Parent presentations

College Counseling Services Include:

  • College searches
  • Winning applications
  • Effective resumes
  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • Career counseling
  • Graduate school advisement
  • Faculty trainings
  • Parent presentations
  • Hourly consultations


Learn More about Rubin Educational Resources:

Is your child discouraged by his/her struggles in school? Are you worried about your child's self esteem? Do you suspect your child has a learning disability? Do teachers think that your child is ADHD or dyslexic? Is your teen at risk? Bipolar? Depressed? A suicide risk? Do you have a child who is truant? Failing in school? A runaway? Aggressive? Poor social skills? Noncompliant? Is your child impulsive? In trouble with the law? Does your teen or young adult need a treatment program? Has your child been diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder or a nonverbal learning disability? Does your child need a boarding school or college placement? Do you have a child who has been diagnosed with Asperger's or NLD or Tourette's Syndrome?

Our mission is to provide testing services to families in New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona.  Our college counseling services are offered to adolescents and young adults nationwide.  The focus of our multi-disciplinary educational specialists is to help children and families resource the help they need for their unique learning needs. Our vision is to build opportunities for success, self-empowerment, and motivation to develop strong, independent, life-long learners.

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